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As an admin, how do I create HR letters for my employees?
As an admin, how do I create HR letters for my employees?

In this article, we will see how an admin/HR admin may create and generate HR documents for employees.

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You can create any type of HR letter for any employee using templates.

What is a template?

A template consists of two types of information i.e., fixed and variable information.

Fixed information: Let us take the example of a salary increment document. The salary increment letter could have the same pattern of text E.g., 'Thank you for all your contribution and the company really appreciates the effort.' This text is applicable to all your employees.

Variable information: The only changes that would be required are names, increment amount, etc. and that varies for each employee. In this case, Asanify provides placeholders for the information that varies. These placeholders will automatically get updated with the variable information when you choose the employee for whom you wish to generate a document.

You may create templates for any document (E.g., Experience letter, salary increment letter, internship completion letter, etc.) and use the document's template which contains placeholders for the employees.

After you create any employees' document on Asanify, you and your employees will be able to access and download the document via Asanify itself.

You may create a template in either of the following ways. You may type the content/upload a word doc of the template/download Asanify's default set of templates and use them.

Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Create a template for any document.

Step 2: Use the template to generate the document for any employee.

Step 1: Create a template for any document.

  • Go to the Documents tab and click on Templates -> Click on Create New Template.

  • Enter the template name and description.

  • Click on the dropdown to choose the type of template that you are creating.

  • You can create the template in either of the following ways. You may type the content of the template/ upload a word doc/ download Asanify's default set of templates.

  • Each method has been described in detail below.

Method 1: Type the content.

  • You can type your content and use placeholders for the information that will vary for each employee.

  • Scroll to the top of the page and click on View placeholders to copy the placeholders that you require for your template.

  • You may search for the placeholder that you require using the search bar. Then click on Copy to copy the placeholder that you require.

  • You can paste the placeholder.

  • After you have completed typing the information required in your template, click on Create.

Method 2: Upload a word doc.

  • Click on Click here to upload word doc instead.

  • You may drag and drop a file here or you may select a file from your device by clicking on Select a file from your device.

  • After you have uploaded your file click on Create.

Method 3: Download and use Asanify's default templates.

  • Click on Default Templates.

  • The default set of templates will get downloaded on your device.

  • Open the word document and copy the content of whichever document you require.

  • Asanify has many default letters/documents which are currently available in the downloaded document. You may copy and paste the content.

  • You can make as many modifications as you require. You can add placeholders as well and then click on Create.

Step 2: Use the template to generate the document for any employee.

  • After you have created the template you can use the template at that time itself or you may use it later.

  • Click on Use Template.

  • Click on the dropdown and select the employee for whom this document is being uploaded.

  • Type in the name of the document. You may also add a helpful description if you wish.

  • Select the template that you wish to use to create the document by clicking on the dropdown.

  • You may preview the document and edit the placeholder information if required.

  • After you have reviewed the document and made your changes -> Click on Create.

  • You can click on the Document Name E.g., Click on Salary increment document and you will be able to download the document as a pdf.

  • The employee for whom you have uploaded the document will also be able to download the document by going to Documents -> Individual -> Clicking on the name of the document.

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